Give Local Government Independence fully funded

Give Local Government Independence  fully funded

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? This would roll back all the cuts in services which is destroying community well being Councils can then devolve resources and responsibility to community councils Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Should be top priority


Devolve power

The problem is when you live in an area where the local council doesn’t give a fair share of resources. These areas would be even worse off.

Because there are roles for LA and Gov -Gov strategic level an LA at Local level linking to strategic objectives -Partnership the key

In my experience local Councils have to focus on saving or earning money and this means over-development to bring in new council tax. They also squabble amongst themselves along party lines, and often vote as such, ignoring the wishes of the communities they represent. My conversations with MSPs usually end by them saying ‘they can’t do anything, even though I agree with the points, as Councils are autonomous’. I’d actually prefer Councils to be extensions of parliament bound by legislation.

Community councils are unincorporated associations therefore the volunteers do not have protection fir taking on the responsibilities suggested. They do not in all cases have the skills or capacities. If power is devolved further it removes whole sections of regulation which councils have developed over many years. Devolved power and community wellbeing is a nice idea but far too simplistic.

Increase funding for local councils to restore services such as libraries etc. - yes definitely. Devolving power to community councils to actually deliver these services - no. In their current form they are not fit to deliver this role.

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