Investment funding to create change projects

Investment funding to create change projects

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? By looking at ways individuals and companies can invest in new ideas and projects, we can make change happen quickly and with greater impact. For example the problem might be anxiety and stress in young people (increasing the risk of poor mental health in later years), the solution might be to provide wellbeing leads in schools in a certain area to measure the impact, and the impact could be more young people more equipped to handle stress and less at risk. Similarly, the problem could be inactivity and loneliness in older people, the solution could be to fund a mentoring service and the impact would be clear outcomes to prevent decline and increase wellbeing. As funding is always an issue, co-produced funding ideas could help inject money to provide resources to then achieve actual change e.g. through Social Impact Bonds where social investors provide the capital to make the difference in people's lives. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? This essentially would ensure sustainable solutions which focus on interventions and outcomes for some of our most complex social problems.


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