Removed post due to non-adherence to discussion rules

Removed post due to non-adherence to discussion rules

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Thank you for your comments. The Local Government and Communities Committee at the Scottish Parliament is made up of MSPs from various political parties and we want to discuss what we should look into to ensure our communities have good wellbeing. Our discussion rules state that participants should “not use official corporate channels as vehicles for campaigning or lobbying on party political issues” and that you “should keep your contributions relevant to the discussion topic” as a result we would like to ask you to amend your post to adhere to rules. Original Post: We need to get on and fix the many issues in out society. Going on about independence, five years after we lost the referendum,is killing communities, dividing us into yes and no long past the point where this is relevant. Our community is riven with meetings decending into a bad tempered back and fore about whether or jot we should be independent. Schools are failing our children, health service is failing patients... Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? ... and we are failing to get to drop with decarbonisation.For a community to be well, it needs to be able to work together. Partisan politics is invading all aspects of life, with snp grandees encouraging acolytes to persuade folk on indy whenever they get chance. It's time for leaders of snp to take action, currently behaving like mad mullahs.


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