Stopping Holiday Hunger

Stopping Holiday Hunger

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? I am teacher at Braes High School in Falkirk who has a PT role coordinating the PEF Programme. As you will be aware funding is determined by the number of pupils who FME. However, there is no provision during the holidays which puts a huge financial strain on low income families many of those who are already on the breadline. I am creating a pilot project in Maddiston working with local partners and charities which will provide a free heathly lunch for the children living in that part of our catchment area. This project is being funded by a charity fun run that I am organising in June. I would really like to speak to Government officials about the problem of Holiday hunger as there needs to be a national consultation on this matter. I feel strongly that every child in Scotland should have the right to food. Thanks Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? The committee should focus on holiday hunger as it is a national problem for thousands of children across Scotland. Moreover, it also places an increased financial burden on parents who are already stretched to breaking point. The provision of FME during holidays would make a huge difference. Thanks


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