Bus services in Airdrie

Bus services in Airdrie

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? I live in one of Airdrie's largest housing schemes known as Rochsoles and Thrashbush. The bus service from the town of Airdrie stops after 5.30pm in the evening which is absolutely diabolical considering the number of people who live in the area. I think you should have a look at bus services in Sweden. I used to live in the Stockholm archipelago and could take a bus at 3am to the last stop at Tyreso Brevik. So I am not saying there should be night buses, but there should at least be buses in this large area at least until 10.30pm, especially when it connects with the Monklands hospital. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? I feel there are many rural areas of Scotland where the bus services need reviewed, especially the outlying areas. Whilst we are at it, the Glasgow Underground system needs massively expanded both eastward and westward to include towns like Airdrie through to Dumbarton etc. This is necessary for green targets of the future. More connectivity please. Taxis are expensive.



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