build new villages and stop urban sprawl

build new villages and stop urban sprawl

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? When a village loses its hotel and pub to make flats, and gets landed with 700 new houses with no increase in infrastructure, loss of green space and essentially becomes a suburb dormitory, a community really suffers. The committee should focus on stopping developers and councils from continuing urban sprawl, but instead build new villages with compulsory infrastructure build by the developer. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Many scientific studies show that green space, and a sense of community belonging (which is absent in dormitory towns and urban sprawl) help mental and physical well being. Further a place with no infrastructure means folk have to travel for all building up congestion and pollution in tacitly centres.


Ok, vote. Would you rather live in a village surrounded by green space and wildlife with a pub, shops, post office etc. Or would you rather live in a suburb with cookie cutter houses that almost touch, no green space and having to commute for doctor, dentist, shops, food etc? Hmm no brainer

Many rural villages are without any social infrastructure and this point addresses that issue. No infrastructure means a greater reliance on individual motor travel of social services. This is a very good point worthy of further discussion.

This is of crucial importance to our future. Communities are being destroyed and these communities have no power to even have their voices heard as it’s all a done deal between developer and Council, as Councils need the new Council tax. If all Councils insisted developers make infrastructure then they would

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