cycle paths

cycle paths

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? we should prioritise cycle and walking paths before roads the present roads policy is to shove cyclist and pedestrians out the way making the car the priority when roads are renewed or repaired make them wider but remove the kerb similar to the system in ireland either that or make proper end to end cycle paths like those in western europe Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? this is the future we need to move away from being a car based country like america the british road users view cyclists and pedestrians as a problem when it should be the car that is viewed as the problem, especially in these days of cheap electric cycles and scooters


also the amount of litter on our paths and parks is a national disgrace its a shamefull illness in our society scotland is the most littered country that i have cycled /walked through its disgusting and unnescesary the europeans have got it mastered

Please dont forget rural areas and hilly islands like Arran ! We are desperate for round island and inter village cycle routes. Both locals and tourists would benefit hugely from such an investment. Arran has the potential to be a cycling haven. We have thriving off road clubs including an exemplary one at Arran High School, the rest of us want better infrastructure and for funding bodies not to be put off by our hilly terrain!

Cycling on the road from say Ardrossan to Largs is dangerous to say the least, why dont the use the empty pavements instead of the attitude, I have a right to have a que of traffic behind them Bear in mind of the recommended space we are supposed to give them when passing

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