How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Increased tourism + carbon capture Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Because there is a climate emergency. Phase out livestock farming. Grow trees instead. Focus on Scotland’s natural resources. Build eco friendly visitor centres & hotels/motels & eco villages. We subsidise farmers anyway just subsidise them to grow trees. Reintroduce Lynx & cull deer. Ban grouse moors. Also incorporate land reform. Compulsory purchase for proportion of great estates & offer at cheaper rate for local residents. Give subsidies to sustainable building projects. Eco tourism capital.


I agree, it's time for Scotland to take the lead, ban grouse shooting outright !! it causes FAR too much damage to the environment, Birds of prey being killed along with many other animals, in order to protect a bird folk want to shoot anyway, it's hypocrisy ! reintroducing Lynx,wolves will help with Red Deer populations and draw in wildlife photogrpahers/watchers attracting MORE income/tourism than grouse shoots/deer stalking. the Werritty review was biased and worthless

Farming should not be within the remit of this committee. Concentrate on parks and derelict land leave farming to farmers.

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