Rethink Social Housing building

Rethink Social Housing building

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? We need more Social Housing but it also needs to be more social, encouraging neighbours to build relationships. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It’s good to see Social House building increasing but it appears all of the estates built in my town are built by the same builder to the same model. That’s ok if the model is right but these estates are heartless. They are built in long straight lines with no community space. This encourages isolation. House building needs to encourage community and Social Housing is the place to start


Completely agree with the nned to build more homes for social rent. Settled homes make for stronger more neighbourly communities and much better family life

Long term unused shops should be converted to rented accomodation, owners should use it or loose it

I support this but funding should be targetted at those housing associations which charge the lowest rents and perform well. Take a look at the Scottish Housing Regulator's website. One housing association in Pollok, Glasgow charges £90 to £100 a month less than others in the same area, even the same street. This includes new build. How can they do that and other much larger ones can't? When benefits are devolved this needs to be looked at.

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