Mintz - the Community is the Currency

Mintz - the Community is the Currency

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Simple generic Community Loyalty Point ('Mintz') technology enables volunteering to be rewarded through acceptance by local businesses in full or part payment. Mintz increase participation, build community & wellbeing. Mintz user groups/associations define communities. Communities may then increase local wellbeing through risk sharing (guarantee societies eg community procurement & credit); surplus sharing (capital partnership eg community financing new community assets) & production sharing (community funding of completed assets through prepay credit). Mintz may be used to reward creativity, care and cultural activity increasing wellbeing which cannot be valued in market exchange. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Wellbeing is a consequence of resilience, security & functional independence/self reliance, eg housing, energy, food, care, health independence. Mobilisation of communities and resources to deliver independence requires new community institutions as risk, cost, surplus, production & data sharing agreements ( there are enough organisations) and instruments beginning with Community Loyalty Points accepted by local businesses in part payment for goods & services - 'Mintz'


How may Mintz be rolled out? Simple but radical Scotland-wide Monster Bingo social phenomenon of bingo and lottery with a twist. Most prizes in Mintz, with winners of business/advertiser funded big £ prizes giving most of it away to good causes.

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