Devolvement of decision making to local communities

Devolvement of decision making to local communities

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Community councils have very little say if any in many decisions which are taken centrally and which ultimately have a detrimental effect on local people. Trust your citizens with being able to run truly local affairs. This introduces far more local accountability. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? More people will become involved, more pride taken locally, a better, healthier community both people and environment.


It is a shame the commenter has such a poor CC. Ours is great and engages the villagers and follows through with majority wishes. CCs MUST be elected, so something is wrong. As elected Councils they have written regulations which can be enforced. If more folk stood for election we would improve their quality where needed

Dont think Community Councils are where this should be located. Locality Planning parnerships are more equitable and accountable. On Arran the CC is largely unelected and not really embedded in the communities / villages they profess to serve. Lot of self interest and vested interest, with some being on every cttee available and often acting as gatekeepers as part of an "elite" self appointed clique. The CC is failing to take up its role in the Locality Pship thus disenfranchising people they pr

Community Councillors are mostly cliques who also sit on other bodies and do deals to vote for things with councillors. They serve no useful purpose other than pretend consultation. Look at the average ages of those involved, they do not reflect their communities

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