Knit & Natter for social cohesion and participation

Knit & Natter for social cohesion and participation

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? 20 people attend our weekly Knit & Natter Group. Life has been unkind to many of them - complex health issues, caring responsibilities, family problems. All appreciate the weekly meet up & experience of support from other group members. Through laughs & light-hearted conversation troubles are shared & assistance offered. Skills are shared & developed. Members learn to trust each other; things work well when completed together. This is social cohesion & neighbourliness at its best. In addition, we take commissions for knitted products and sell at fairs. This improves the reputation of an area that has valuable & wonderful residents. The group gives members from different backgrounds a sense of safety and collective pride in their area, while improving the health & wellbeing of individuals. . Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? This is a perfect example of social cohesion & neighbourliness. For projects like this to work, members need time & support to build trust & confidence to engage, & opportunities that are varied, flexible & close to home.


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