Forest Schools for Adults

Forest Schools for Adults

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Connects adults to their environments and sets example for children and other adults. Encourages knowledge and concern for managing green environments effectively. Encourages adults to take responsibility for their green environment. Encourages play - lots of adults struggle with play, however the health benefits are significant. Brings adults together over a common purpose where usually their paths wouldn’t cross. Shared experiential learning. Outdoor time - known health (physical, emotional, mental) benefits to being outdoors in all weathers. Greater respect for environment resulting in reduced waste impacting upon environment and climate. Creates healthy, sustainable habits in adults. Encourages and opens doors to creativity even for folk who don’t consider themselves creative. Appeals across sciences, art and humanities. Range of education possibilities from ecosystems to play. Enables adults to give back to their communities through Forest School projects. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? To align with (and have) adults engage with climate change needs and behavioural changes by connecting them with their local environments and taking responsibility for eco-sustainability by making education fun and engaging. To improve people’s general health through community connectivity, meaningful activity, outdoor work/play, creativity and sense of ownership.


This can ALSO apply in urban areas in community gardens, orchards, woodland and is especially needed in urban regeneration areas. It's vital to get people, especially younger people who incarcerate themselves with electronic devices to get outdoors, active and - ideally doing something productive

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