Abandoned high streets

Abandoned high streets

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Too many empty boarded up shops discouraging for locals who would prefer to shop locally . Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It could bring much needed employment opportunities to local constituents. Too many run down high streets. Lower rent and rates to encourage retailers back.


I think we need to realise that the high street as we knew it wont return I think some of these long term unoccupied shops should be converted into housing, these run down properties are detrimental to the towns Land Land lying unused for years should be prohibited Land should be used within a specified time, or face a annual charge, another run down look to the towns Planning applications should be speeded up, too many folk involved with trivial personal issues slowing down the main project

The look of a place (visual amenity) has long been recognised as a contributing factor to the health and well being of residents. In fact it at one time it was a factor in the SIMD score rating (may well still be). There has been a lot of useful research done around this especially by Glasgow University which is worth a look. Thankfully the land reform and community empowerment bills now empower communities to be proactive about vacant and derelict land.

Its a complex issue. Rates linked to rental values, shops often owned by pension funds. It's not high rents that affect retailers as much as the behaviour of shoppers, who opt for online. High sts need to become more diverse

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