stop artics driving in villages. rural 20mph speed limit

stop artics driving in villages. rural 20mph speed limit

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? Big trucks are scary, dangerous and stop people walking about locally. Destroys community life and is vastly polluting. Get rid of large petrol buses in small communities and replace with electric hopper buses. Focus on connecting cycle tracks between villages and make parking in villages a priority for local residents. 20mph speed limit in all villages. Weight restriction on vehicles. Create car parks outside popular villages like doune for tourists and tourist vehicles and promote pedestrian access. This would also encourage people to use local business. Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? It’s a simple thing to do. Weight restrictions in rural villages and 20mph speed limits. Would make a huge difference to quality of life. Artics should be made to travel on big roads, not take short cuts through rural villages. I live in DOUNE and it’s a massive problem here. The 30mph speed limit is far too fast on the very narrow Main Street which has extremely narrow pavements. Someone has already been killed by a large tour bus last year. The castle visitor numbers have mushroomed. Help!


More electric vehicle charging points

Should be more signage encouraging 20mph in certain areas, i dont think it should require a legal form, more of a respect for certain areas used by people and kids

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