Spaces and places within communities

Spaces and places within communities

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? This is a collective response from community organisations addressing local wellbeing supported by The National Lottery Community Fund The spaces and places we live in can have a large impact on community wellbeing. For example: - - A lack of access to green spaces within communities can impact on a person’s mental health negatively. More green spaces encourage community engagement and foster a stronger sense of community - Housing developments with poor connections to mainstream services increase feelings of loneliness and isolation and have a detrimental impact on community wellbeing within communities. More consideration should go into planning for new housing developments to ensure services are more easily accessible - A lack of upkeep with regards to open land can make an area look uncared for thus impacting on community wellbeing negatively - A lack of community spaces for people to congregate/build on their existing social networks results in a decrease in community wellbeing Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Improving the spaces and places within communities can improve community wellbeing in a positive way by: - - Fostering a sense of pride within communities for the area that they live in, with increased access to green spaces encouraging people to socialise with others in their community and any open land being kept clean and tidy - Ensuring that communities have access to vital services irrespective of where they live - Reducing the levels of loneliness and isolation within communities


There is not a safe grass area that dosent have dogs dirt on it, no way can you safely walk without looking infront of you Beaches are the same, owners out at dark just leave dirt behind There should be designated areas where dogs are not allowed, we even have a playfield in Saltcoats and Ardrossan where dogs are excercised, then children play sports on it, how no one has spotted this is unbelievable Dog licenses should be increased, way too many

Not enough trees planted, council chop them down and not replaced,

The ferry route in Ardrossan carries 3/4 million people a year, some /most, of that route is needing to be more appealing to visitors Some responsibility is Peel ports like the harbour parts, unpainted street poles with cables hanging out of them for years, fencing needing painted But NAC should have a constructive look at What the visitor sees, that number of people in a small corridor is important

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