Lack of access to service provision

Lack of access to service provision

How does this impact on Community Wellbeing? This is a collective response from community organisations addressing local wellbeing supported by The National Lottery Community Fund Lack of access to service provision. Examples of this are: - - Despite a plethora of support services in place within a community, a lack of affordable transport could be a major barrier for people to access these services - A large population of older retired people within Scotland lack access to transport which inhibits them from accessing services within their community - Poor access to public transport, especially in rural areas, can impact on an individual’s prospects of gaining employment - An individual with mobility issues seeking befriending support may not be able to physically access a service, however, if the service offers telephone support, then the person can still benefit in some way - Long wait times to access support services Why should the Committee focus on this as part of their future work? Lack of access to service provision can be a major barrier for people and subsequently impacts on community wellbeing in a negative way. These barriers can also manifest themselves in many ways. The Committee should focus on looking at what barriers people must navigate in order to access services within their respective communities and work with the service providers to look at how these barriers can be mitigated


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