Making changes to diet

Making changes to diet

What change could you make now to address the climate change crisis? When scrutinising the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill the Committee heard that people would be willing to change aspects of their diet to support reduction in carbon emissions. What would make this easier for you? What do you think of this idea? How could the Government support and encourage environmentally conscious dietary choices?


More support for the local farmers given to encourage them to pursue organic standards which protect nature and the environment, whilst improving the standards of food available for everyone, At the moment organic food carries premium prices and is therefore unaffordable for many people!

It's not hard at all to be Vegan.

You have to give people the ability to choose if they want to be Vegan/ Vegetarian or whatever. As well as the effects on wildlife. Incentives to Buy Local would however be fantastic

Diet and food ethics is big for tackling Climate Change. Recent Planetary Diet gives lots of choices and good for both humans and the planet. More attention needed to prevent food waste by households, encourage people to buy local and seasonal produce and to reduce plastic packaging on the shelves.

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