Climate change and you

Climate change and you

The Scottish Parliament is scrutinising the Scottish Government's Climate Change Plan. Part of the Plan is about Behaviour Change. What changes would you make now to reduce emissions? What should the Government do to support these changes? Learn more, click the ❓ button on the top right of the page.


Lucy Johnstone

Free Solar Panels

Stop building new roads/ super roundabouts

active travel

Implement ‘Strict Liability’ for motorists

Award Greta Thunberg ‘Freedom of Scotland’


Improving home insulation

Reducing household waste

Environmentally conscious public transport

Get rid of Speedbumbs

Use money allocated to road building for green projects

cycling Initiative

make public buses run on biofuel or electricity

Ban cyclists from public roads

Label environmentally friendly meat

Ease restrictions on personal electric vehicles over 250W

Enforce, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists

Car charging points

covered cycleways

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