Improving home insulation

Improving home insulation

What change could you make now to address the climate change crisis? When scrutinising the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill the Committee heard that people would be willing to improve home insulation to help lower household emissions. What would make this easier for you? Government supported infrastructure projects to assist with improving home insulation. What do you think of this idea? Should the Government support and encourage improving household insulation?


In France there is a scheme where ANYONE can have their home insulated properly for €1 Scotland should do this too, especially as the weather is much colder!

it's probably the most important idea on this site so far. It reduces costs for people on low incomes and also reduces the amount of energy consumed in Scotland, making renewable targets more achievable.

I like this because it helps everyone, but most of all it helps those who have trouble paying their energy bills (unlike subsidies for electric cars, which support only people who could afford expensive cars without support anyway...)

As an older person - living on a pension, government assistance would be a useful incentive to upgrade my home insulation

Like the idea but please consider urban reliant species like common swift, other birds and bats when insulating buildings #huntlyswiftgroup

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