Solar Panels on residential buildings

Solar Panels on residential buildings

What change could you make now to address the climate change crisis? When scrutinising the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill the Committee heard that people would be willing to install solar panels to generate electricity to help lower household emissions. What would make this easier for you? Government supported infrastructure projects to assist with the installation of solar panels. This would be especially welcome in the rented housing sector given the inability of households to implement schemes without landlord support. What do you think of this idea? Should the Government support and encourage solar panel installation?


Absolutely should be done. The legal arrangements for terraced accommodation need to be updated. Will need 100% subsidy for those with no capital/low income to bring everyone on board.

Not just on residential, but on ALL buildings!

p to 4 times of plastic ??? Grammar mistake o think

I have no roof because I live in an apartment complex I do have a balcony and if installation were possible I may consider this

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