Ground Source heat pumps

Ground Source heat pumps

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We would like access to alternatives such as ground source heat pumps What do you need to make this change? The group discussed a desire to have access to environmentally friendly heat sources, solar panels etc. but were concerned about it being enforced. They felt that if new houses were forced by law to include these measures then the cost would be passed to the consumer. They asked for more education and understanding of what is/could be available and options to for example to loans to install. Also to shared/community heating.


I like the idea but it's not a good idea to pinpoint one technology - if all are developed that will allow progress to be made

I have one, sensible guilt free heating with solar energy. they must pair them

Surely if we switch more and more to renewables, wind, hydro, sea, solar etc then electric boilers are a better fit overall?

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