Better public transport - more connected

Better public transport - more connected

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? I want to use public transport more What do you need to make this change? Better connections and routes are needed. Also as I suffer from anxiety this is difficult and I need to plan journeys very carefully. We also need better facilities if people are going to use public transport more. For example public toilets.


I use public transport wherever possible, but travel to work would take three times longer than driving.

Encourage further development of hydrogen cells

Continue with electrifician of railways lines

Public transport rarely fits the journeys we want to make. People will use public transport if they can just show up and there will be a bus/train within 20 minutes. Looking up a timetable and trying to work out connections is just too much bother. Train costs need to be brought right down using subsidies. If a day trip for a couple from Aberdeen to Edinburgh costs over £100 (which it does), of course people are going to drive.

Put all public transport back into public ownership.

Its far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly that having us all run around in our individual electric car with environmentally damaging batteries. Go Hydrogen.

Reinstatement of abandoned/discontinued routes for buses and trains needed. Some journeys take as long as it would to reach the USA by plane

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