Switch off some public lighting.

Switch off some public lighting.

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? It is a waste and has an impact on insects and wildlife. What do you need to make this change? The council would need to switch it off.


Public lighting enhances safety for people using these areas. I would be uncomfortable walking or driving in unlit areas.

Dark skies are beautiful

Like/dislike depends on definition of public lighting. If people are to be encouraged to walk/cycle after dark, adequate lighting of paths is essential for them to feel safe enough to do so. Illuminating landmarks increases their appreciation by locals and visitors. Wellbeing is important. Eco-friendly lights for fewer & for shorter periods might be a compromise. But this doesn't apply to offices, where all but absolutely essential lighting could be switched off after the buildings close.

only where safe

I think this is not a good a idea - both as a driver and a pedestrian. By all means, find alternative power sources, but the lighting was put there for a reason in the first place, not on a whim.

Some people in the group were concerned about anti-social behaviour if lighting was switchd off in public places.

I'm not advocating losing street lighting, which is needed for safety, but lighting up landmarks is costly and unnecessary, however appealing.

It would be good if councils like Glasgow could switch off their street lighting during the day . It would also be good i if they could switch to more efficient LED lighting directed downwards rather than skywards.. I'm sure there is also an argument for just shutting down much lighting subject to safety considerations.

in the north Highlands, street lights could easily be switched between May and September as you can see for miles at midnight. The contracts with the electric companies are not flexible enough and underuse is often punished by little or no reward or by higher tariffs. Often the light sensitivity units are old/out-of-date and come on before the automatic light-sensitive headlights on my car come on. I can also see the length of my road on a winter's morning and the street lights are still on.

Go back to lighting at dusk until 10pm, people can carry torches that are environmentally friendly.

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