segregated cycle lanes

segregated cycle lanes

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Build segregated cycle lanes What do you need to make this change? Political courage


Many drivers have outright loathing for cyclists, some just mild dislike, some are neutral. Cyclists are extremely at risk when it comes to cycling on roads, I'd love to see more cycle lanes are routes implemented to keep people safe and encourage more people to cycle.

We need more segregation, full stop

Segregated cycle lanes should be a requirement for ALL NEW build planning applications. Also, new housing planning applications should require suitable numbers of safe cycle storage arrangements.

Even with the same road widths, you can paint a 3 lane road. This makes cycling so much easier and make it obvious for cars how much room to give for overtaking.

Essential if we are to make cycling a transport option for all ages and confidence levels

Because with proper fully integrated cycling infrastructure it will encourage even the most nervous of potential cyclists.

Any segregated lanes should be constructed to the same standard as roads,kept clean and properly integrate with the road system because realistically you can not have segregated lanes everywhere .The ones we have tend to be poorly surfaced ,never cleaned , never gritted and are usually exactly where they are not needed.The cycle lanes alongside the new M8 are case in point .They go nowhere, are incomplete, covered in mud, subject to large scale flytipping, have stupid barriers to cyclists etc

Segregated Cycle Infrastructure is required if we want people to cycle. We can't expect all ages and abilities to freely mix with motor vehicles on main roads. The folk disagreeing with this idea are being daft and selfish, maybe you never see yourself on a bike but should that stop others from easily and freely getting around?

cycling is far too frightening at the moment - on rural roads as well as in towns. People will really only cycle in large numbers if bikes are separate from the traffic. This has already been proved in some cities e.g. Edinburgh. I live in the country and would love to be able to cycle to local beauty spots. I did used to do this, and others used to ride, but our rural roads have just become too dangerous.

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