Stop building new roads/ super roundabouts

Stop building new roads/ super roundabouts

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Immediate moratorium on all new road building/ cancel proposed Sheriffhall roundabout. Use money to fund public and sustainable transport options What do you need to make this change? Brave decision making from Scottish Government


stupid idea. scotland badly needs new roads.

I don't flat out disagree, but the person who suggested this obviously lives in an urban area and did not consider reality elsewhere.

We need to stop building new roads and focus on the resilience of the ones we have (Rest and be Thankful, Stromeferry Bypass) Then we need to revisit the roads estate and ensure that it properly supports all modes including active travel.

Obviously suggested by someone who hasn't been to other countries. Look at the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain - massive efficient road networks from decades of good investment in highways. Even the Netherlands has double the amount of motorway per capita as Scotland does because they recognise the importance of both cycling and keeping cars moving.

This is the sort of anti-car, punitive and non-sensical measure that i think turns people against active travel and gives the impression its all anti-car, rather than about giving people additional options for local journeys. it also just doesn't make sense - what if there was a new housing estate built - are all the delivery vehicles, bin lorries etc expected to drive over the terrain to reach the houses or can we accept new roads are sometimes needed?

Cant agree , takes no account of the actual realities and needs of the transport system. Blanket bans are silly and dont work in the real world.

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