Implement ‘Strict Liability’ for motorists

Implement ‘Strict Liability’ for motorists

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? As per rest of Europe change motorists insurance to assumption of liability in collisions with vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. C What do you need to make this change? Brave leadership and decision making from Scottish Government. Ability not to be swayed by powerful vested interest lobbies.


This is a recipe for 'cyle terrorists' to go around causing accidents in order to inflate the figs and to encourage lawyers chasing personal accident damages.

Roads here are terrifying for cyclists. This would encourage adoption of cleaner transport methods

Nothing to do with climate change, and goes directly against the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Poorly thought of idea by cyclists who believe they should get whatever they want!

totally destroys the justice system if we do guilty until proven innocent. absurd suggestion

Makes a mockery of the justice system of this country and totally inappropriate. Cyclists are just as often at fault as drivers to shouldn't get special treatment

you cannot legislate against innocent victims when a cyclist zooms out of a side road in front of you. This happened. mountain bikers speeding across a side road with no warning....

Nothing to do with climate change.

This would encourage more people to cycle if they felt safer on the roads.

By modifying peoples driving behaviour around cyclists it will make the roads safer for cycling while reducing car use and the pollution associated with car use. It will only apply in civil cases where balance of probability is rule. Statistics show that in most cycle/car interactions the car driver is to blame so it make sense to start from that assumption . If the car driver can prove otherwise then fine

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