active travel

active travel

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Stop subsidising single person car use What do you need to make this change? Change of policy regulations to progress active travel - reduce car parking supply


silly and one sided. we need more electric car support, not pandering to active travel lobby

Active travel wont work in a country that is so cold year round. who would want to cycle to work in the last month or so of -2 C mornings and rain

Cars aren't subsidised - they pay substantial amounts of tax. Usual dishonest cyclist agenda on show in this article - where in Scotland is the picture above exactly?

Missing the point - we desperately need more public transport especially in rural areas. Stop building houses without places of employment - move the jobs to where people live, not vice-versa.

Introduce segregated cycle lanes😁

It would hugely cut carbon emissions if people made the switch from cars to active travel. The number one barrier to this is fear of traffic. The only way for people to make the switch is to build high quality city and nation wide active travel networks. Stop funding huge, populist traffic inducing (induced traffic is incredibly well known and has been for decades) projects such as the Sherrifhall flyover - fund active travel instead. You have the funds, just use it for the right cause.

This is unrealistic - there will always be a need for cars and implementing punitive measures to try and convince people otherwise won't work (and hasn't worked, as you can see over the last 10 years where car use has risen). The approach should be to encourage and provide for electric cars, rolling them out at a much faster rate and providing subsidies to encourage people to purchase them.

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