Support change from gas central heating

Support change from gas central heating

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? I bought a new build home 4 years ago in the city so I can walk/cycle/use public transport and not own a car. But the developers installed gas central heating. My working life will not be long enough now to cover enormous cost of switching to something more climate friendly. I knew it was short-sighted but developers gave me no option. What do you need to make this change? No new homes built with gas central heating and inadequate insulation. Change the rules. Secondly, make it clear there will be help and on what scale for people to switch to more climate-friendly heating systems. For example, a "pay later" scheme using equity in homes underwritten by government and on a not for profit basis. I don't trust greedy financial services. Anxiety when faced with rubbish state pensions anyway makes me less likely to change any behaviours as future feels dismal.


Such a policy, while being outwardly a sound idea, would reult in a monopoly for leccy suppliers with consequent high prices. No use. Also, cheap rate leccy should be available to all without seperate white meter installation. Proper 'smart meters' with ability to record/charge use according to price when cheaper supply is being fed into the syatem would be much better encouraging all to monitor their supply and usage.

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