researching re-use

researching  re-use

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? incorporate the use of a percentage of recycled plastic materials in all new buildings or extensions in recycled tiles, plastic roads, plastic building blocks. Fund research and start up companies in this field What do you need to make this change? changes in planning rules and regulations. Public funding for research and start up companies in the field of reusing plastic waste.


Sensible idea. However, chances of getting this past planning are nil. [Or Cockburn Association].

Reduce, remove and tax the use of plastic in the first place. It is a toxic substance and re-use should be carefully considered

give plastic value so people do not throw it away

simple easy idea, fully support

it can reduce home expenditure and we must reduce resource waste, especially during new build construction. I recently re-clad our wee shed with the kitchen flooring the council were going to send to landfill. Luckily the flooring had been green and we had some paint left. It looks as though it's been there a while and blends in, water-tight now too. Next door had a new bath and she uses old one as a fish pond. Councils don't build in these landfill savings - it's too easy to take away bins

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