Decrease costs for public transport

Decrease costs for public transport

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? If the price of train was lowered then it would a more suitable means to travel. The cinema near where I stay recently capped their film price to £5, this has encouraged more people to go as it’s not as expensive and go and use it. The same would be applicable to trains and busses the cost would go down and the customer base would go up. What do you need to make this change? An agreement with scotrail and the different bus companies.


I agree that the cost of public transport (PT) has to be lowered to encourage use. It is cheaper (and more convenient) for me to use my fossil fuel (FF) car. Prohibitions on FF traffic in town centres or certain congestion points may be needed to incentivise people to make the change from cars to PT as well as significantly reduced pricing.

Reducing the cost would encourage more to use the service. Beyond this, making this bus fleets carbon neutral would be better than car use.

During existing pandemic don't allow councils to bail out privately owned transport companies - the only reasonable option for citizens is buy out. We really don't need numerous companies for an effective, affordable and integrated public transport system.

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