Stop building roads to reduce congestion: subsidise buses

Stop building roads to reduce congestion: subsidise buses

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? More roads means more traffic and more pollution. Use the money to subsidies bus fares, and make segregated cycle tracks. Make city centres low emissions zones. Same cost much better outcome What do you need to make this change? Local council engagement who are pressurised by retailers who don’t understand that subsidised bus fares and green travel will NOT decrease revenue but make city centres a place folk want to come to. Also councils get parking fees.


Time and time again we see that it’s impossible to build your way out of overcapacity on the roads. If we’re serious about tackling the climate emergency we need to invest in public transport and active travel instead

Induced demand *always* happens when we build more roads. They generate more traffic so you have at least as much congestion but more pollution.

Reduces air pollution, carbon footprint print and makes city centres a place one wants to be

scotlands roads are awful and far behind the rest of europe, a blanket ban on road building makes no sense

I believe the Lothian buses are well subsidised and I can attest to their relative cheapness, efficiency and common use. Due to Edinburgh's parking system subsidised buses and bus lanes are a necessity even before and after rush hour/s. I'd love to see stuff like this in other cities (cough cough Aberdeen) where the public transport is attrocious and horrendously expensive.

Encouraging public transport use and active travel opens up towns and cities to people so they will be able to travel around them more easily and cheaply - this will be good for town centres, businesses, peoples' health and emissions. Building new roads simply encourages more driving. Yes we have electric cars now which will become more prevalent but they only partially solve the problem with emissions - cars still cause a raft of other problems (mainly health related) and should be discouraged.

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