Population Control

Population Control

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Encourage smaller families, educate women in third world countries, encourage prosperity in third world countries, this is the way that population growth stagnates or diminishes. I realise it is unpalatable to certain religious sects and ingrained self importance but it is the source of the problem and has been for years. If we do nothing about it the warming planet will do it all for us. What do you need to make this change? Bold thinking and real leaders because it is politically unpalatable. Oh! and you need to apply more rational thought than the Chinese 'one child' solution.


And we all know who the governments of Westminster would want to control within the population. It would lead to the eugenics of the working class. This is a very dangerous route to take.

Not sure what you want here?

The fundamental environmental problem is too many people consuming too much per person. Both of these need seriously looked at. For a world with fewer people consuming less there would also need to be a major change in the current economic model.

As long as the third worlders stop spamming children first, I'm game. Otherwise the world will become overrun with people who only know how to make climate change worse.

By "politically unpalatable" you must mean tyrannical and deeply, deeply patronising? "Educate women in third world countries", wowsers.

By taking an anti-natalist approach on reproduction, there is far too much room for criticism of controlling women’s bodies. It’s the 21st century, gone are the days where we control women’s reproductive systems and tell them what to do!

Is it a worthwhile idea trying to help the human race survive. With population growth, we shall become extinct through climate change, war famine or pestilence . I understand that any suggestion of population growth control sounds like manipulative eugenics. That is why it is so seldom talked about. Its a natural instinct to procreate for both men and women, The rich and powerful are already practicing survival of the fittest. Changing that instinct is not easy But we do need to change.

I like this idea but doubt politicians will ever be brace enough to take it forward in our lifetimes!

Because Scotland needs more people generally and its against Governments own policys

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