Discourage driving

Discourage driving

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Discourage driving because pollution is now the biggest environmental killer, because of emissions, road space dominating our streets, accidents, gridlock & sedentary behaviour. What do you need to make this change? Wholesale change: Cars out of urban centres. Fuel price hike. Active travel infrastructure. More frequent, more widespread, cheaper, cleaner public transport. Park & Choose. Fewer, dearer parking spaces. Car free housing developments.


We are far too reliant on private cars, which is bad for the environment and personal health. Cars are too expensive for the poorest members of our society so they end up subsidising those better off. There's a reason private motor vehicles are at the bottom of the sustainable transport hierarchy, and we must enact policies that recognise that.

Driving isn't going anywhere. Preparing the nation for climate change needs to take people along with it, and people by and large want their cars. Support should focus on electric vehicles, not punitive measures to discourage driving that won't work and turn people against the cause.

Can't really agree with this, people aren't giving up their cars for anything. public transport is okay for some journeys, but for most journeys we should be supporting electric vehicles, not making living in scotland harder by punishing people for using their cars.

stupid idea and not likely to be popular. people love their cars and they are here to stay.

With this fresh idea I believe you may have single-handedly defeated climate change for good.

Change like this is exactly what's needed. Whilst people won't like it, once enacted they do. People suffer from stockholm syndrome with their cars - we have has decades of car-centric planning and now people rely on them, but they think they like them! If we had comprehensive, reliable public transport and active travel networks, people - especially the poorest in society - would be able to travel around their areas cheaply, quickly and healthily. Good for health, emissions and the economy.

I like driving - public transport does not always take you where you want to go in reasonable time. More effort should be made to rapidly increase the uptake of EVs

Agree with people below, driving isn't going anywhere and it offers substantial benefits to our society. Discouraging driving will harm the economy, make peoples lives worse through spending more time travelling and limit their ability to see scotland / the world

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