Get rid of Speedbumbs

Get rid of Speedbumbs

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Speed bumps only increase fuel consumption and damage cars, the EU wanted to ban them, remove them all What do you need to make this change? To reduce fuel consumption


We have speed humps due to drivers speeding, and speeding leads to death. The police have it as one their fatal 5 for the roads. You have to wonder why we need them though, is it too hard to stay below 20mph in urban areas? You getting somewhere quicker is not more important than someone life.

It's clearly just written by someone who is annoyed with their local speed bumps and wants to go faster. I WOULD be in favour if the idea was "remove speedbumps and replace with more effective, Dutch-style traffic calming measures and modal filtering".

Speed bumps save life . If we had better enforcement and more severe penalties for speeding more lives could be saved and children could play outdoors with less fear. Motorists should obey the speed limits and not speed up in between bumps and they will save fuel

Damage to vehicles caused by speedbumps may well result in incidents caused by steering failure etc. Get rid of speed bumps. Those who are intent on speeding pay no attention to them anyway.

They are there for a reason, if you were going the speed you were meant to then you really wouldn't be decreasing fuel economy or damaging your car on them. Tips to increase fuel efficiency: drive slower, don't rev your engine, get a greener (elecric if you can) car, don't accelerate more than you need to in between speed bumps.

Speed bumps are put in to save lifes, cant support this

This is what I call narrow-thinking. Speed bumps are about safety, not environment. If there is an alternative that provides the same results, then go for it and get rid of speed bumps. However, this looks more like an excuse for people who do not have the patience to slow down.

Speed bumps damage vehicles and I just put my foot down and get back up to speed between them anyway, (like most people).

Apart from the obvious and politically unfavourable increase in risk to safety of pedestrians and cyclists, the fact remains that we are all too heavily reliant on fossil fuel-powered cars. The Scottish Government has an opportunity to radically alter the way we travel, by increasing investment in high quality, green public transport whilst making it harder to own and operate a combustion engine. Eradicate speed bumps?! You're joking right!😆

Damage to vehicles logically happens wher the drivers are going too fast for the speedbumbs(sic) Fuel consumption goes up also when drivers fail to maintain a steady speed Speed bumps are however a mixed bundle of properly installed vertical elements and downright dangerous crap - often installed as a blinkered tick-box quick fix. Far better than speed bumps would be designing the road for the speeds. Don't build a road fit for 50 mph & then expect drivers to use it at 20mph.

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