Use money allocated to road building for green projects

Use money allocated to road building for green projects

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? The Scottish Government has allocated billions to adding lanes of traffic to already existing roads and building entirely new road systems. This should be illegal(unless there is VERY good reason eg restarting a remote community) considering we are trying to move away from road traffic to greener methods of travel. We need to reduce the amounts of road users and not encourage a blanket switchover to EV. Active travel/public transport should take up the bulk of the money to do so. What do you need to make this change? Scottish government realising their thinking is outdated and committing to tackling the climate crisis.


cant agree, scottish roads are awful in comparison to other countries. this includes the netherlands, a supposed green travel haven that has three times the size of motorway network despite being a smaller land area than scotland. scotland needs to catch up!

Scottish infrastructure is outdated and badly needs enhanced. One size fits all policies like this ignore that we will need roads even when we move over to EVs.

Repair and maintain the existing roads as a priority. We need therm for all vehicles, including electric/other sustainable fueled. Get public transport more reliable so commuters can depend on it. More 'out of town' park and ride schemes/locations integrated with public transport from the start, not as an added afterthought. Review of bus timetables and bus stop locations to prevent "bus jams" in places such as Princes St. where no private vehicles are allowed.

We don't need any new roads. What we DO need, badly, are city and nation-wide active travel and high-quality public transport networks. These would massively reduce carbon emissions, unlike the building of new roads which will simply induce yet more driving and the multiple problems associated with it.

How does this make sense? What if there's no roads there already, and a new building is being constructed? What if the road that exists is unsafe? What if the road is a key national route that is used by thousands of HGVs, drivers, etc and needs expanded? Rubbish idea

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