cheaper vegan and vegetarian food and more access to it

cheaper vegan and vegetarian food and more access to it

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Make vegan and vegetarian food cheaper so that everyone can have the option to live off of a meat free diet. We all know that the meat industry is killing the planet. Therefore more access at a reduced cost for vegan and vegetarian food should be provided. Also more access to the food in schools and public areas too should be provided. What do you need to make this change? Reducing taxes on vegan/vegetarian food so that more people can afford it. Supplying more vegan and vegetarian food in schools. Making the public aware of the damage that the meat industry are doing to the planet, lots of people are completely unaware of this!


Agreed, its not as hard to make the switch to being vegetarian most nights as people think, a little push would really help

Would the public also be made aware of the damage the vegan industry does, not only to the planet but to peoples' bodies (especially young, growing children)?

(In reply) I understand that. But it doesn’t have to be that way or have to be made as such. Veganism is a more humane way of life, it should be encouraged more. It can be done organically and without risk to the planet or disenfranchised people and will reduce our individual carbon footprint. When it comes to a lifestyle that is suited to protect the planet, it is more effective than meat eating. This isn’t a debate of vegan vs non vegan however, all I’m saying is that it should be encouraged.

For those saying that it’s bad for people’s bodies, it isn’t. In the years of the cave men, if they couldn’t get meat - which was actually really scarce and hard for them to do so they rarely did get meat, they lived from a plant based diet. You can live healthily from a vegan diet, infact it has been proven that it is much healthier for you. It would also reduce the obesity levels. I’m not saying we all need to go vegan, not by any means. I’m simply saying it has to be more accessible.

We need to be eating local produce to reduce carbon emissions we should not be using produce grown half way around the world for both environmental and political reason, no other country should be controling our food supply.

vast areas of the land in Scotland & UK are suitable for grazing only. That land also happens to be the most important habitats. Subsidise environmental grazing so that the right amount of grazing for the environment, happens. Subsidise creation of salt marshes and recognise if you want our diversity of waders to continue it has to be grazed by sheep.

It’s based on spurious science. Veganism is leading to vast swathes of land and rainforest being destroyed to make way for genetically modified soy and corn crops, which are devastating for the land and our health.

i think most people want to at least try and improve their diet, so some help through reducing VAT on vegan food would probably be a good thing

5% tax rate on non-meat food!

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