Remove parking fees from train station car parks

Remove parking fees from train station car parks

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Allow people to park at train stations for free What do you need to make this change? Force scotrail to make parking free.


Provide an effective, affordable and integrated public transport so that people don't have to drive and use parking spaces.

My local station car park IS free and gets filled up early by commuters, many of whom live near the station. People who arrive later cannot get a space even if their need for a space is real. Charging would reduce this problem by encouraging people to walk or cycle to the station if they live relatively near.

People drive for ridiculously short distances to reach stations then leave cars all day. Need for integrated bus/train connections such as exist with buses meeting ferries in the Hebrides

Remove all parking from train station, except disabled, so that people do not use the car for short journeys , the most harmful for the environment. The best way to reduce car use is to restrict parking.

it won't work. Induced demand means the car-parks will soon be full, and the whole thing just ends up encouraging *more* driving. Go to the station by public transport or cycle.

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