Enforce, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists

Enforce, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Increase enforcement of, and substantially increase, fines for cyclists who run red lights, cycle on the pavement, etc. They act to deter people walking/disabled people and are a menace. What do you need to make this change? Legislation, Police Scotland cooperation


Miscreant cyclists spoil it for everyone - there's no reason why they should be special in any way. I'm a cyclist, I don't ride on the pavement except where permitted on shared paths, and I stop at red lights.

Bampots on bikes are a pain, but ultimately they're an annoyance, not a threat. Motor vehicles, on the other hand, kill and maim so many it has become normalised. I don't condone inconsiderate cycling, but the real dangers on our roads come from motor vehicles. Concentrate on e.g. phone use behind the wheel and you might save lives, concentrate on cycling and you're wasting resources on demonising what is for the most part benign and climate-friendly transport.

Impractical and a waste of our 'allowance' from the Bank of England/UK Government. Selfish people will both drive and cycle badly, the majority do both activities with consideration to others.

Its the same old cyclist bashing from a generation that is still struggling to come to terms with active transport and making any meaningful impact on climate change

All the people disagreeing displaying the usual cyclist attitude of 'do as i say, not as i do'. Complaining about dangerous driving but wanting dangerous cyclists to get away with it!

As I'm getting older I sometimes fail to hear some cyclists - especially those with no bell approaching from the rear (and some users of disability scooters etc.) and they appear to expect me to leave the pavement so that they can pass me! In shopping centres/pedestrian precincts many ignore dismount notices

Support. Cyclists make walking about my neighbourhood a nightmare. They constantly go on about cars driving dangerously, but last time I checked cars weren't rushing along pavements at 20mph+!

as an older person, cyclists scare me. they zoom up and down paths when i go out for a walk, andw hen i drive they shoot through lights and in front of my vehicle.

Seems fair to me. Commit a crime, pay for it.

great idea, cyclists need to be forced to ride safely. to many vulnerable people feel unsafe because they cycle down pavements or ignore lights

Also increase enforcement, and substantially increase fines, for motorists who run red lights ,drive/park on the pavement, speed ,use mobile phones while driving etc . They act to deter people walking/disabled people and are a menace.

The main reasons people will cycle on pavements or run reds etc. is that in the UK we have abysmal cycling infrastructure. Create proper, safe cycling networks and the problems will be reduced - that's how you solve it.

No new legislation is required. Better enforcement of existing road traffic legislation would help, but it should be targeted at the greatest source of danger. I don't condone dangerous behaviour by any road user.

i support this

Ultimately, the danger and harm caused by this behaviour is negligible. There are far more dangerous road things to be concerned with - speed limits, drivers on phones, integrating new drivers into the system - that will have a much greater positive effect to focus on. Secondly, this is about 'Climate Change' - more people on bikes = less pollution and a healthier population. Adding scare factors to this will bump up carbon emissions and keep us all fat

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