Label environmentally friendly meat

Label environmentally friendly meat

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Label sustainable environmentally friendly meat, explaining how grazing is essential to that habitat, why it is more nutritious to eat meat raised on grass than soya. What do you need to make this change? recognition of agricultural ecosystems


buying local and in season would reduce C emission, benefit the local exonomy and build resilience in times of restricted movement or reduced food production elsewhere.

All land has an ecosystem and that includes farm land. From the highlands and islands to the central belt Scotland has a wide and varied diversity of ecosystems some of which are dependent on grazing. Most of Scotland's national parks are dependent on grazing to maintain the wildlife habitats, meat from animals grazing this land is healthier and more sustainable than vegan produce grown half way around the world.

Livestock farming has its place. Promoting more sustainable feed would help and a return to the transhumance system might help too. Whatever happened to the Farm Woodland Agricultural Grant? I would hope that soon it would be illegal to produce meat that wasn't sustainable environmentally.

agreed, anything that can make it easier to choose veg options is a good thing

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