Promote plant based diets

Promote plant based diets

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Provide incentives to reduce the consumption of cheap meat and increase the volume of plant based diets. What do you need to make this change? Government to accept that farming has to change, provide subsidy to farmers for land use change, minimum pricing for meat and change school diets to be >90% plant based


Reducing meat is is one of the most significant ways a person can reduce their carbon footprint. Much rainforest is being destroyed to grow animal feed. Cattle produce a lot of methane gas too.

Like it or not humans have evolved to be omnivorous, that is to say they eat both meat and plants to get a balanced diet. Most people who are on vegetarian and vegan diets are not getting the nutrients they require from just fruit/vegetables (most don't get enough protein or certain vitamins/minerals). Promoting a "eat healthily and seasonally" thing is a much better ideal and stops kids from just eating crap that's bad for them and the environment such as palm oil.

Reducing meat can have a big impact on climate, but i think it needs to be balanced with the fact humans are omnivores and need meat.

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