The handling of litter

The handling of litter

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? We must have bins that are secure and get emptied. Overflowing bins allows for plastic bottles blown into our rivers then into our seas and then damage wildlife. What do you need to make this change? we need to protect the seas not add to their demise


Great idea

I coordinate a local voluntary group who regularly litter pick, we have very few bins locally and when we request thek we are advised having a bin is easily arranged the issue is with who will resume responsibility for emptying it. This seeks nonsensical and off putting to committed volunteers

you should take your litter home or give it back to the firm that gave to you. If I buy a new tyre, I leave it with the fitter. I don't take to a lay-by and leave it by a bin to take an extreme position on the matter

This is so important, both for hygeine and environmental reasons. Far too much plastic and litter blowing everywhere

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