Make roads safe for cycling

Make roads safe for cycling

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Speed limits on road should be set so that cyclsits can use them . Local roads thsatare 70mph dual carriageways should not be allowed as effectively bans cycling as a mode of transport. What do you need to make this change? Courage from local authorities, Transport Scotland and the Transport Minister.


Provision of separate cycle roads is a necessity

Ridicolous blanket solution that would inconvenience people for no reason.

Yes, lets destroy our transport network to satisfy a bunch of lycra louts and their constant whinging

roads are for cars, not cyclists

It would make far more sense to provide separate segregated bike routes which would be safer and more pleasant for riders. These could connect more directly to networks where cycling makes more sense

How does improving road safety destroy the transport network?

It’s a no brainer! Edinburgh roads are just not fit for purpose. Potholes everywhere with no segregated cycle path. If you to want tackle climate change then, you need to create an environment that using the public transport and cycling become the norm.

Roads should be safe for cyclists but it's far better and inclusive to all if there is cycling-specific infrastructure.

Many urban areas in central Scotland are separated by 70mph dual carriageway eg Uddingston and Broomhouse . This particular road is the only reasonable route from Uddingston to Glasgow and yet is a de facto 70mph motorway . Uddingston to Glasgow is 8 or so flat miles which easily cyclable for commuters yet ridiculously unsafe . This 1km length of road is out of kilter with the rest of the road system but councillors refuse to act and politicians refuse to force them to act. This is repeated.

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