Get rid of Park and Rides

Get rid of Park and Rides

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Get rid of Park and Rides What do you need to make this change? Courage from local authorities,Transport Scotland and the Transport Minister.


Park and Rides encourage people to drive short distances to train stations and merely displace congestion and pollution from the city centre to the suburban fringe . No matter how many parking places provided the number of cars allways expands to fill the available spaces and you have overspill in surrounding roads and streets with dangerour parking everywhere. People can walk ,cycle or take the bus to the train station resulting in less pollution.

my nearest station is 10 miles away. the bus to the station would take 50 minutes. or i can drive in 10 mins. the train to glasgow takes 45 minutes. the drive takes 25. the idea i would be more likely to take the train if you added another 50 minutes on to the 45 min train journey is silly - park and rides encourage public transport use!

Park and rides encourage people to take the train. Any suggestion that getting rid of park and rides would encourage people to walk to the train is stupid. People would just drive all the way to their destination. Taking the train is already almost always slower than the car, so if you force people to add yet more time on to their journey by walking to the station why on earth would anyone ever use the train?

I regularly take the train to England, parking over night at the station. The station is 19 miles from my home with no public transport there. If park and rides were abolished, I'd have to drive or fly.

They add to reduction of congestion in city centres. Provide areas to recharge EVs which will become critical in the near future. Link bus/train/tram services with drivers

In response to some of the objections. People would not drive all the way to their destination if there weren't Park and Rides because most people travel into city centre where parking is restricted or expensive which is why they go by public transport .People who live far from station good point but most people who use suburban stations live less than 2 miles from the station.When they expand the P&Rs more people choose to use their car , more pollution.They displace congestion not remove it.

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