End the SNP opposition to nuclear power

End the SNP opposition to nuclear power

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? End the SNP Government opposition to nuclear power What do you need to make this change? Politicians to open their minds


Apart from the costs arising for future generations, this is even now a very expensive source of power. Renewables/storage are far cheaper.

It has ben obvious for thirty years or so that nuclear power is part of the solution to climate change. SNP politician who have never grown out of their CND student politics have banned it . Only nuclear can provide the base load ,secure power supplied required if we are to move from dependence on fossil fuels.

It refuses to accept science. fossil fuels are basically one method in which energy from the sun has been stored. To claim we can't store energy from the sun and harness it is to deny how fossil fuels came into existence in the first place.

Nuclear power and the waste management is the problem. The problems seen in Japan. We have a massive power station in the sky, so let’s use it.

If scotland can fulfil its power needs without nuclear power then surely thats better - avoids piling up of nuclear waste

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