Make cyclists pay road tax

Make cyclists pay road tax

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Force cyclists to make a contribution towards their transport needs for once - a special cyclist tax should be paid by cyclists for the right to use public roads What do you need to make this change? courage from scottish ministers


Agree, cyclists should pay for the infrastructure they want

You want encourage people to get out of their cars and cycle far more often as they do in Holland and other European countries. Forcing the cyclists to contribute has the opposite effect.

Folk who this that this is a good idea need to educate themselves as to how roads are currently funded (hint, drivers do not pay through road tax). Every tax payer funds the road/cycle/pedestrian network.

seems reasonable, infrastructure should be paid by those who use it. motorists pay fuel tax, insurance tax, road tax, etc - so seems fair cyclists should contribute too

about time!!

"Road Tax" is actually vehicle excise duty, a tax on emissions, and it goes in to the pool of general taxation. Roads are not paid for by "road tax", that idea went out in the 1930s when Winston Churchill abolished it. Cycles are zero emission, so with VED currently based on emissions they would pay no VED, just like electric vehicles and the lowest polluting petrol cars. Any barrier to cycling is an own goal for the environment and public health, so this is a non-starter.

Cycling must be encouraged for climate change reasons ( no emissions ), physical and mental health etc........

This would disincentive cycling when it’s pretty clear that to tackle the climate emergency we must encourage people to get out of the car for short journeys and cycling is the ideal way to do this. The cost/benefit ratio to the economy for cycling vs driving means encouraging cycling is a win win

Cyclists DO pay for roads, via most every other tax they pay... Road tax is nonexistent - there is a vehicle emissions duty which drivers pay, but low/zero emissions vehicles are exempt, including bicycles.

Not sure on this action. I am a car only and pay for my road tax.

Cyclist already subsidise the roads for polluting vehicles, as most associated costs come from general taxation, not from Car Tax. The costs of buying cars and filling the tank should have much high taxation. End of.

Cyclists already pay tax, if nothing else via VAT. Cyclists already contribute to their transport needs, as roads are paid for by general taxation. Low or no emission cars also don't pay road fund. It's a pollution tax, not a road use tax!

Cyclists, like all council tax payers, already pay for the roads. There is an argument that VED should be based on the damage a vehicle causes to the roads, i.e. based on weight.

Use money to contribute to dedicated cycle tracks/roads

agree, cyclists should pay for their infrastructure like motorists do

feel this is probably a good idea, cycle paths should be funded by those who use them

There is a misconception amongst some that people with bikes have money, I can assure you that this is not the case, at least in my case. This is an impractical suggestion, how would the bike display it's licensed credentials? Do children need to have a license? How exactly does this help with climate change, if it makes cycling more expensive? Roads are paid from general taxation, thus cyclists do already pay for roads. Cyclists help to keep everyone's air cleaner and they don't damage roads

So, road tax is not a thing, sorry to break it to you. Though for a driver to take a "motor" vehicle onto the road they must have payed their VED, which is now based on the emissions of your vehicle. That is why electric cars pay £0. You can also be exempt if you're disabled. So, cycles paying road tax? It would be £0. If you read the Highway Code, you'll learn that pedestrians are road users too, should they pay? Why do you hate cycles so much?

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