pollute more pay more taxation

pollute more pay more taxation

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Create a new taxation model that incrementally raises tax on fossil fuels and high carbon activities based on the more you use the more you pay. E.g. zero tax on first x kWh of electricity and gas to support those in fuel poverty, but then ramping up to higher levels the more you use with a high band for excessive use. Scrap the standing charge on electricity and gas and replace it with a simpler cleaner cost per unit of energy used with increasing scale of carbon usage tax on top. What do you need to make this change? Government to legislate to change how energy companies charge for electricity and gas standing charge needs scrapped and switched to a pay for what you use only model.


Pollution is an externality for a business. It is making the rest of society pay for one of your business expenses. Perhaps we should all pay their electricity bills too? Businesses that cut their overheads by making a mess and letting the rest of society suffer the consequences or pay to clean it up must be made to pay their way and be disincentivised from continuing to behave in that manner. Councils should be made to phase in a Pollution Charge paid in Pollution Credits they distribute.

Businesses should, where possible, adapt their practices to rely less on publicly produced power and reducing their usage. For domestic users - many houses I have visited have heating set far too high, although older people sometimes gain comfort from this. End the farce of different providers - they should all charge a fair price without robbing Peter to pay Paul. Nationalise energy sector to benefit consumers rather than shareholders

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