Recognise that free car parking is a subsidy

Recognise that free car parking is a subsidy

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Instead of offering free car parking offer a subsidy to those who use public transport to get to work. What do you need to make this change? Legislate for this


But recognise - as with the current situation that some essential workers begin and end shifts when public transport is not available between work and home

I work in a shop, and am paid min wage. Every one of my colleagues drives to work each day. The idea that only rich people have cars, and that car parking is a subsidy to the well off is ignorant rubbish! Cars are the only decent way to get about and shouldnt be taxed more!!

Everything provided by the government is a subsidy to someone. Car parking is required for people to go about their business. If its provided by a private business, then its up to them what they provide to their customers. If replacing their car parks with cycle racks was profitable, they'd have done so.

Behaviour change is about carrot and stick, and this a big, controversial stick, however if I could be confident that the revenue from this would go to improving public transport I’m all for it

can't agree, its an essential service for everyone

Free parking is not a subsidy anymore than walking on the pavement is a subsidy.

I feel this is a little unreasonable. Roads, car parking spaces, etc are national infrastructure if provided by government, and are not subsidies. If provided by a private business, then its entirely up to that business what it provides and they will provide what people want .

its not a subsidy, its essential. stupid idea.

cant agree really, parking should be free everywhere to encourage more travel and make driving cheaper so more can access it

Stupid logic. On that basis, everything is a subsidy. How about we recognise that people vote with their wallet, and are perfectly happy for car parking to be subsidised because the majority of people use it.

Free car parking makes driving easier and effectively means all council tax payers are subsidising those who drive. Exceptions are possible for some shift workers.

can't agree really. we all need somewhere to park. its no more a subsidy than providing free trolleys at a supermarket is a subsidy to those who want to buy a lot of stuff that day.

Its up to businesses what they provide to customers. People want to park, and once electric cars come in theres no issue

Bad idea

Driving has gotten cheaper in real terms and public transport more expensive over the past decades. This needs to change to encourage behaviour change and making parking free/cheap is certainly not helping to encourage people to use public transport or active travel. Any money gained needs to be ring-fenced for public transport and active travel, though - like Nottingham's award-winning workplace parking levy.

We need to grasp the nettle that over-use of private motor vehicles is bad for us and stop going out of our way to enable and encourage it. Also the case that the least well off can't afford cars to start with: not only is it an unnecessary subsidy but it's paid to people who don't need it.

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