Prioritise getting cars moving again

Prioritise getting cars moving again

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Remove cycle lanes, get rid of speed bumps and build bigger roads to ensure cars keep moving, less time and fuel is wasted sitting in traffic and emissions drop by people getting to their destinations faster What do you need to make this change? Ministerial courage, financial investment


Did the proposer actually read what this forum is set to discuss? Cars were a 20th century phenomenon, climate change is real and needs addressing NOW.

"building good motorways and road networks" are valid but different points to what this suggest. Speed bumps and speed controlling measures have been shown to reduce overall travel time for everyone on the road. Additionally, incentivising car travel and punishing cyclists will lead to more people travelling in cars, boosting emissions further. This would mean longer journeys, more car traffic, more emissions and unsafe roads for cyclists and pedestrians (and probably cars too)

It will have the effect of increasing car use, and thus emissions of CO2.

This idea goes against all the evidence. We need more space for active transport and public transport and less for private cars.

Cars are the problem not the solution: it is cars that have cities to a gridlock. How do you break it? Go for better public transport. If reduce cycling they are going to jump in their cars and clog up the roads further. Cycling, walking & public transport should be the new normal for short journeys. You'll get less urban pollution, a fitter population & more effective money in the NHS as a result of fewer accidents. A car wastes money and makes you fat, a bike saves you money and makes you fit.

It has been proven not to work - induced demand is real and has been known since the 1950's. What would actually get cars moving is heavy and serious investment in cycling and public transport so that a large amount of modal shift from cars to public transport and active travel can take place, and so those that actually need to, can still drive - easily and with less people driving on the roads. Its not a coincidence that NL has the most satisfied drivers in the world.

cars should be at the bottom of the priority list. inefficient use of space, polluting, least effective way of moving large number of people. We should be prioritising active travel and buses.

Agree, get cyclists of roads, get cars moving again and stop wasting money on active travel

totally agree, get cyclists off our roads!

Really important for emissions and economy

Reduces emissions and helps people get about, agree

Cars cause pollution. Walking and cycling does not cause pollution. Making car use easier and walking and cycling harder is therefore going to make pollution and climate change worse.

too much fuel and time is wasted by priotisiign cyclists over cars. help the environment by letting people get about faster

Hilariously stupid and ignores all evidence that increasing road space just leads to more congestion. Ministerial courage is needed to take on these anti-cycling bigots- just look at the ridiculous comments 'get cyclists off the roads!' etc. Years of resource have been wasted trying to improve traffic flow. It. Does. Not. Work. We need less obese people making journeys of under 5 miles in cities, and good usuable intra-city cycling infrastructure. No more shared pavements.

I agree alot with this. I spend a lot of time waiting due to bad road design. In other countries (such as the Netherlands or Denmark) they have built a great motorway network - but here the roads are awful.

You wish to remove cycling lanes, but I bet you also scream for them to be off "your road"? Increasing road space will never improve flow for motor vehicles, as it creates demand, so your bigger roads will just lead to more traffic. Speed humps are in place to reduce speed, as speed kills, we wouldn't need them if drivers could be trusted to maintain a speed within the limit that was safe. Is getting to your destination a minute faster more important than safety and lives of others?

This is a good idea because it a) reduces emissions, b) will have public support and c) will be needed anyway once we switch to electric cars

The idea is to reduce carbon emissions this idea has no scientific basis and will result in the increase in carbon emissions. This motorised traffic inducing idea should be removed as from Scot Gov own figures: 'Transport emissions have increased by 2.2 per cent between 2016 and 2017. Transport emissions increased by 0.4 per cent from 1990 to 2017. The increase in emissions in 2017 was mainly due to an increase in emissions from road transport.'

Essential to protect jobs, economy and let people see their families

Get people out the cars, it doesn't matter how free-flowing traffic is, getting around by fossil fuels (or even EV) is unsustainable and is leading to the climate breakdown. Appalled to see this forum used by car-lobby voices

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