Prioritise getting cars moving again

Prioritise getting cars moving again

What change do you want to make now to address the climate change crisis? Remove cycle lanes, get rid of speed bumps and build bigger roads to ensure cars keep moving, less time and fuel is wasted sitting in traffic and emissions drop by people getting to their destinations faster What do you need to make this change? Ministerial courage, financial investment


It doesn't even work. More/faster roads generate more traffic and congestion. This has been proven over decades by the UK ministries of transport.

Take cyclists off roads - but build separate roads for them. Better coordination/siting of pedestrian crossing 20 metres from traffic lights. On motorways stop cars ignoring signage - e.g. Charing Cross on M8 where Audis BMW and white van men bomb up the outside lane then force their vehicles into the other lane causing accidents because of their impatience.

I've lived in a few countries in europe in my time and i think one of the most noticeable difference is just how bad scotland's road network is. Other countries have pumped money into letting their people move around quickly and efficiently (look at the motorway network in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway, where even small towns are connected by fast roads) compared to Scotland where the majority of the country is stuck on substandard infrastrucutre.

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